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Motor Unit

Hapbeat-Solo: $100 (+$25 for complete set)

Hapbeat-Duo: $200 (+$45 for complete set)


Necklace-type model that can be worn around the neck. In addition to the motor unit, a ribbon unit (45 cm) is included. NOTE: The motor unit cannot be driven alone. Please purchase the circuit unit additionally.

Wristband ver.: $110


This model is easy to wear on the arm. Since the emphasis is on wearability, it cannot adjust the length. Please see general ver. if adjustment function is needed.

General ver.: $110

Belt unit (Arm/Leg):$12 for each

Belt unit (Torso) $24 including strap


This model can adjust the belt and ribbon unit length so that it can be worn on any part of the body. If you have a specific location for wearing the belt, we can produce a model that is easy to wear if you request a dedicated model.

Circuit unit

1ch: $25

2ch: $45


Top: 1ch, Bottom: 2ch. This is a standard driving circuit of the motor unit. If you want to drive two motor units simultaneously, such as Hapbeat-Duo, please purchase a 2-channel circuit unit.

Included Items

・3.5 mm aux cable(1ch:2pcs/2ch:3pcs)

・Clip for circuit unit

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