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Hapbeat is a necklace-type wearable device that transmits auditory vibrations directly to the body, enhancing the daily music-listening experience as if they were in a live concert hall or clubhouse. The device can express musical vibrations that are both more powerful and subtle than its compact appearance suggests.

The powerful beat of a bass drum, the deep bass resonance of a bass guitar, or the sometimes inaudible ultra-low bass sound are converted into vibrations transmitted to your body. Any high-end headphones cannot reproduce this experience, and it is a new dimension of music appreciation that you can feel with your sense of hearing plus haptics.

It is also a perfect match for sound effects in movies and games. Especially in powerful explosion or weapon firing scenes, you can feel the trembling of the air with your body and feel a sense of immersion as if you were there.

No amount of words or images can convey this experience. Seeing and hearing a hundred times is better than experiencing one. We invite you to experience a new sensation that can only be experienced at Hapbeat!

Transmitting powerful low-frequency vibration


20Hz, 8x slow motion

Easy to wear and use

*This is a video of an older model, but the basic usage is the same.

Hi-fi vibration output to audio signal

Top: Input signal, Bottom: Output vibration

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