The mechanism of generating vibration

1.Motor shaft rotates (CW/CCW) by sound signal (voltage change)

2.Wind/Unwind the string

3.The string itself is vibrated

The problem of conventional vibrator

Power ≓ Mass × Stroke (of the weight)

→Difficult to produce powerful vibration with small vibrator due to its structure.

Experimental Result

Hapbeat vs Loudspeaker

We tested how Hapbeat strongly transmits the vibration to users compared to a loudspeaker by vibrating water-filled container.

Comparison of the wave signals of original sound and acceleration played by Hapbeat

We tested the responsive ability of Hapbeat by playing sinusoidal wave (10-1000Hz). As you can see, Hapbeat can reproduce the signal.

Vibration transmission to the body

We tested how Hapbeat widely transmits the vibration to users compared to Haptuator (general linear vibrator). The size of squares in the figure represents the amplitude.